Pampered to Perfection | How to Treat Yourself!

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With exciting changes that come with the new year, it’s crucial to dedicate time for yourself. Whether it’s indulging in a good book, trying a new recipe or splurging on some retail therapy- treat yourself!! Here are some of my favorite ways to relax and unwind in the midst of a hectic schedule.

Draw a bath, light a candle and enjoy- you deserve it!


Not sure where to start? Take a trip to Lush Cosmetics! Applying a Lush face mask makes me feel like a true diva. My current favorite is the cooling “Cupcake” mask. It smells sweet enough to eat and makes my skin feel better than ever. My favorite part is that it’s infused with spearmint, giving it a tingly and refreshing feel. Pop it in the fridge and apply it cold- you’ll thank me later!


If I decide to pamper myself, I go all out. Lighting a candle is one of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel like a 5 star spa. My absolute favorite scent is “Mahogany Teakwood” from Bath and Body Works (it smells like cute boys, not kidding).


If the candle isn’t aromatherapy enough, these “Stress Relief” products will definitely do the trick. This Bath and Body Works duo smells incredible and its stress relieving power proves to certainly not be falsely advertised. If I’m not using a bath bomb, I absolutely love adding the eucalyptus tea body wash to my bubble baths. Followed by the body lotion, your skin will be in heaven.


I recently received this Liz Earle cleanser in my Birch Box and I’ve been in love! It definitely works within your pores, leaving your complexion dewy and bright. Not only does this help with breakouts, but it gives your skin an even glow. I recommend gently scrubbing it off with a hot cloth for best results.



To finish off my spa day, I absolutely adore spraying my face with this “Eau Thermale Avène” spring water. It immediately feels super soothing and refreshing when used after a cleanser. Not only does it cool my skin but the thermal water gives it a lasting soft and moisturized feel.



I hope you enjoyed hearing about my favorite tips for pampering! If you try out any of these products be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. How do you like to treat yourself? Wishing you a 2017 full of relaxation and rejuvenation!



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Makeup MUST-HAVES | My Favorite Products!!

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Guess who’s back from her blogging hiatus?! THIS GIRL! I took some time off from my regular posting schedule but I am back and better than ever. Stay tuned for some fall inspired fashion content coming your way soon! Today I have an exciting post… my absolute MUST-HAVE makeup products! Here you will find my favorites from eyeshadows to lipgloss and everything in between! Enjoy!


Eye Makeup:

I just love experimenting with new eye shadow looks to make my eyes pop. Lately I have been obsessed with the Naked Basics and Naked 3 palettes from Urban Decay.

The Naked Basics palette has the perfect amount of neutral, matte tones that can be worn basically anywhere! My favorite shade would definitely have to be “Venus” because the shimmery champagne color looks gorgeous on the brow bone.

The Naked 3 palette is definitely the most pink/warmly under-toned group of eyeshadows compared to its’ “sister palettes” (the Naked 1 & 2). With a huge range of shades from matte, blush tones to shimmery, smokey violets I absolutely adore blending new combinations. I turn to this palette every time I go out and never get bored of the looks it can create!

The Naked 3 Palette

The Naked 3 Palette

Speaking of eyes, mascara is probably my favorite part of applying makeup. Voluminous lashes can seriously transform your entire look. I am always on the hunt for new mascaras (comment your favorite below!!) but as of now I have been layering Maybelline’s, The Falsies (Volume express) and Great Lash Real Impact. The shapes of the applicators are different so the combination of both products not only gives me length, but volume too!


Face Makeup 

Now onto the face! As a fair-skinned girl who doesn’t sleep as much as she should, I definitely struggle with under eye circles (Don’t we all!). That’s why I adore the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (It sounds a little scary, I know) Dark Circle Eraser. I don’t necessarily use it for the “age rewind” effects, however this acts as the perfect highlighter/concealer. Blendable and light weight on the skin, I would definitely recommend this product!

To avoid pesky shine on the skin, I always set my face with the Revlon Nearly Naked powder. This does an awesome job of locking in my concealer and keeping my skin matte without looking cakey.


To add a little color into my face I love contouring with Rimmel London’s Natural Bronzer. This product does an awesome job of adding warmth to a look without creating harsh streaks or lines.

In addition to bronzer I love adding blush and highlighter with products from the Benefit Feelin’ Dandy set. I wrote a whole post on this cheek and lip combo so be sure to check it out here!!



Last but certainly not least, my favorite lip product! It’s hard to pick a top lip shade (the options are endless!!) so I went with my must-have gloss by Bobbi Brown in “Sheer Peach.” Let me tell you, this lip gloss is poppin’! This is the absolute perfect color to layer on top of other lip products and adds a stunning, long lasting sparkle.


What are your favorite products?! Be sure to tell me in the comments! Thanks so much for reading, I can’t wait to share more!

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I’m Feelin’ Dandy! | Benefit Lip & Cheek Kit

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Benefit’s Feelin’ Dandy Lip & Cheek Kit will leave you feeling more than just dandy! I recently picked up this amazing set from my local Sephora and have been LOVING it ever since! My initial motives for this purchase were based on the fact that I had been dying to try the Posie Tint and High Beam products, without fully committing to the full sized bottles. I was happily surprised to find this adorable, little kit that was not only equipped with these two products, but a plethora of others I had not tried before. Not only was this kit super reasonably priced, but it allowed me to try various products for a fraction of the individual costs. Here you will find my personal opinions and experiences with each product in the set…Enjoy!


“Dandelion” Ultra Plush Lip Gloss- Dandelion is the PERFECT shade! This coral toned lip gloss has hints of gold that give your lips a natural looking finish. I feel that this shade can be complementary to so many different skin tones and is definitely a staple color for any makeup collection. Not only is the color gorgeous, but the application is great as well. We’ve all been in that “hair stuck in your lipgloss” situation and and I’ll be the first to say, sticky, gloppy lips are NOT cute. This product however, glides on smoothy, and feels soft and even moisturizing on the lips. This will definitely be a favorite lip product this spring!


“Dandelion” Blush- I’m not one to dabble in everyday blush use but let me tell you, I am in love with this product. The color is a beautiful rosy shade and is slightly shimmery which perfectly highlights your cheekbones. The product is not overbearing as some others can be, and blends nicely onto the skin for a gorgeous finish. Although I am not a fan of the provided brush, I love lightly dusting “Dandelion,” onto my cheeks with my own Eco-tools brush, creating an elegant glow for a perfect daily look.


“Poppy Pink” Posie Tint (Lip and Cheek Stain)- When I am not using “Dandelion” on my cheeks, I have been really into Posie Tint. The “Poppy Pink” shade is a super fun color that lasts on my skin for the entire day. Its liquid consistency leaves my skin feeling dewy and fresh, while the shade is a gorgeous pop of color (especially for spring!) A slight warning I would have for those looking to try the product is to blend it out quickly! The product dries almost immediately after applying to the skin so work swiftly for best results!

High Beam (Highlight)- WOW. Just wow. I really love every product in this kit but I am going to have to name this as my favorite. In the past I had never really incorporated highlights into my makeup looks but this product is life changing! Its liquid form and small applicator makes it simple to blend upon the cheek bones and feels light on the skin. The pearly shade of the product looks stunning on any complexion and attracts light to the areas of your face that you apply it to. If you are looking into a highlight for your cheekbones, cupids bow (above your lips), nose or really anywhere on your skin- invest in this, you will definitely not be disappointed with the glowing results!


I LOVE the Benefit, Feelin’ Dandy kit and have been using it constantly since my purchase. If you are looking to brighten your complexion then I would definitely recommend this set. The sizes of the products are the perfect amounts to get a feel for each and is a great investment as it combines various cosmetics into one handy set. I can’t wait to incorporate these items into my makeup looks and will definitely be purchasing these products again.

If you have tried out any of these products or recommend any of your favorite lip and cheek products, then leave a comment! I love hearing from you!

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