The Lust for Lush: Bickering about Bath Bombs

Whether it be through Instagram, beauty blogs or just in your circle of friends- LUSH is taking over! Here’s your inside source to the good, the bad and the ugly (not really that dramatic it’s just soap) of your favorite, infamous Lush products!

My personal Lush collection
My personal Lush collection

Before Bomb Thoughts: My opinions regarding the handmade cosmetics shop had wavered back and forth. In the past I had always felt that the strong scents were a little overbearing and not worth the hype. I assumed that the quality of the products was only raved about so much because they looked cute in Instagram photos (which is true-admittedly I posted my own). My thoughts subsequent to experiencing the infamous bath bomb changed immensely however, as I saw my original thoughts were far from the truth!

The adorable, “Bubble Bar”

After picking up on the “bath trend” I received a gift set from Lush equipped with, “The Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar“, “The Comforter Bubble Bar“, “Sympathy for the skin Body Cream“, “You’ve been Mangoed Bath Melt“, “Miranda Soap“, and what you’ve all been waiting for…THE (avobath) BATH BOMB!!

My experience: Of course I was immediately enticed by the spherical soap/ball of excitement and drew a much needed, hot bath. I decided that it would be beneficial to cut my bath bomb in half so I could get double the use out of it (and the same effect as I would later discover!) After my tub was full, I tossed that sucker into the water and watched in amazement as the small green ball swirled about my bath, transforming the once transparent water into a fizzing, emerald pool. The only complaint I had was the product did not create many bubbles in the tub and flattened out quickly, however I simply added a bit of my own body wash under the running water for an immediate fix!

The immediate effect of the "bomb".
The immediate effect of the “bomb”.

Admirable Aromas: Much to my delight, the water diffused the once, very strong scent and left the bath smelling fresh yet not overbearing. The Avobath Bomb is definitely a fruity one so keep that in mind when purchasing your own. Lush also offers many other scents featuring various natural ingredients- each with their own signature bath spectacle. This “bomb” in particular, included lemongrass and avocado, which left me smelling awesome for the rest of the day!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
My point exactly- these Lush products are just so photogenic!! Can you say insta-worthy?

Does this thing really work? I was honestly shocked to discover the immediate effects of the product. As soon as I stepped foot in the tub I noticed that my skin felt soft and hydrated- Let me tell you this thing is magic! I felt that the natural ingredients played a large part in the delightfulness in the bath bomb as it felt incredibly fresh to the skin. Also, other than a subtle (and pleasant) scent, it didn’t leave any residue on my body.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
The tinted bath water after the entire bomb had “exploded”

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Avobath bomb by Lush. I was a bit skeptical towards the quality of the bath product however I immediately discovered that it is the perfect thing to spice up an everyday bath. The fresh, natural ingredients left my skin feeling incredible and I am eager to try out other Lush products in the future!

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Don’t forget to take your own time to relax (Bath bomb or not!) Much love -Kyra Louise


    • Haha I can definitely relate to that! I had no clue what I was doing, especially since it was my first time using a lush product! Luckily my gift set came with a set of instructions, however and their website also has some valuable information that was worth checking out before my own lush experience! Kyra 🙂


  1. I haven;t tried the bath bombs from Lush yet, but I love the bath bombs by Basin. I picked up a lavender one at the Basin at Downtown Disney in Orlando as I wanted an excuse to use the giant Roman tub in my hotel room’s bathroom. That thing was so freaking relaxing I had one of the best night’s sleep in my entire life that night.

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  2. Great blog! I am a huge fan of lush but admittedly have never tried their bath bombs! Will be purchasing a few after reading this review! Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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