A Fashion Legend: Never to be forgotten

Legendary fashion designer, Oscar De La Renta recently passed away on October 20th at the age of 82. The cause of his death is unclear but his iconic fashion sense is not. Although it is important to mourn the loss of De La Renta, someone so influential to the fashion industry, we must recognize his achievements as well!

“He always wanted women to be the star of the look. He was never trying to take over and be the boss. The sketches that he did for me at the Oscars last year, every single one of them he sketched my face in. It wasn’t just a sketchof some dress —  it was how it would be on me, specifically. I was so lucky to get to work with him and to know him even just a little bit.”

-Jennifer Garner

Oscar De La Renta’s pieces were always described as, “feminine and flattering.” He specialized in beautiful wedding gowns and haute women’s clothing. His work quickly became popular among icons all around the world, including multiple first ladies. As one can easily tell from the photographs below, Oscar De La Renta was a classy man with a true talent in the fashion world. His elegant pieces will be missed globally.

oscar-1 style-catchup-oscar-de-la-renta-main Oscar-De-La-Renta oscar-de-la-renta-1 oscar-de-la-renta-2010

A stunning wedding gown designed by De La Renta
A stunning wedding gown designed by De La Renta

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