Upcoming Fall Trends ▲ 2014

Many designers have been speculating what colors and textures will be popular this upcoming season. After looking into many fads, here are the the top five trends to be scouting for in your favorite stores…

5. Athletic Aesthetic 

A popular look that has been seen walking many runways is the “sporty” style. This fad incorporates jersey- like characteristics such as a number and name, on high end products. This idea has been seen at many stores, some of them being Top Shop, and Brandy Melville where numbers and sports teams have been displayed on flannels and graphic tees especially.

4. Loads of Layering

Another trend that is incredibly popular for the upcoming fall and winter season is layering! Incorporating this look into your wardrobe is easy and requires no shopping-look no further than you’re own closet! Not only is layering of basic knits, flannels, army jackets, denim, leather and more, cute but practical as well. Throw on a vest or chunky sweater over your favorite tee or accessorize with a scarf or belt. The options are endless and with this look you’ll be staying warm and looking fashionable too.

3. Notable Necklace Combos

Layering doesn’t just apply to scarves and sweaters, but jewelry too! A look that many were rocking this summer was necklace layering and it looks like this trend is pushing into fall as well. This summer many were styling the “choker” trend and incorporating short and simple necklaces. It is predicted that the stacking of accessories will continue but with longer statement necklaces.

2. Stylish Sneakers

Many big time designers like Chanel and Steve Madden have been incorporating a loafer-type, slip-on sneakers into their latest runway pieces. These adorable shoes can be found in various materials including leather and velvet, as well as endless colors and patterns. Teen fashion icons have been sporting these with not only causal looks but dresses as well. These shoes can be dressed up or down for which ever occasion you desire. Found at Nordstrom, Bloomindales, Steve Madden and other shoe carriers, a pair of these can range from $40 to $100 based on the brand and style of the shoe. Similar to layering, this style is cute, comfortable and functional!

These shoes come in an array of colors and patterns!
These shoes come in an array of colors and patterns!

1. Notorious Knits

A classic trend that always comes around during the fall and winter seasons is the “chunky” knit. Whether it’s cardigans or pull overs it’s known that many will be styling long cozy sweaters this autumn. Coming in all kinds of styles and colors some classic fall shades are maroon, burnt-orange, army green, and tans. Sweaters are a staple item in every girl’s seasonal wardrobe because they are warm yet always fashionable. Knits can range from $15 to hundreds of dollars and can be found at most stores selling women’s clothing including stores like Brandy Melville, American Apparel, American Eagle, Nordstrom, Bloomindales and many more.

Good Luck incorporating these upcoming trends into your wardrobe…

Happy fall Xx


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